20 May 2013

Kindle vs Nook

A recent inquiry was raised by almost every one of us. Therefore please allow kindlefreeapp to list the Pros and Cons of each of the competitors. Kindle vs Nook and the final Decision is up to you at the end of the day

kindle vs nook
Kindle Vs Nook

  1. Kindle is better in turning the pages
  2. Kindle price is more affordable
  3. Kindle has a massive range of titles accessible
  4. Kindle has cool MP3 player as well as integrated web browser
  5. Kindle has the Text-to-speech feature  presented on select titles
  6. Kindle store has also games available to purchase and play
Kindle in several ways is doing a nice work of providing a Black/White tablet. Along with a lot of extras, although they are basic in function and a quite slow. But when we check the reading experience, the Kindle with no doubt does a extraordinary work with no criticism. Fast page turns, nice layout of buttons and the biggest selection of books are offered.  As well as you may also download free kindle books that are available for the Kindle which are thousands for the record, as well as games.

Nook vs kindle
Nook Vs Kindle

  1. Nook has more firm creation
  2. Nook pages are very realistic
  3. Nook interface is much better interface
  4. Nook system menus are easier to navigate
  5. Nook Free books are available whilst inside of B&N stores
Nook isn’t doing a bad job, if truth be told; it is a quite better in some aspects. For starter, Nook pages look more like real paper. Its interface during menus navigating appears a bit smoother than kindle, as well as loading the pages is so quick. But what actually did not load up quickly, was the device itself. Whilst the Kindle is prepared at button slide, the Nook takes around 30 seconds before it’s prepared for reading. It also has a Micro-SD card slot, but users will probably never need the added memory, as well as you will walk without an MP3 player or web browser. The major pitfall, in our opinion was the books selection as we noticed immediately that plenty big titles books were not available. However it seems like a minor complaint, it is so easy to brush your hand across the display and waste quite a few moments looking for the page you were on. The Nook will identify the brush of a hand as a page turn or multiple turns in some cases. But again it’s a small complaint, but it really gets frustrating.
Eventually, neither eBook reader is a awful purchase. But in our opinion the Kindle is ruler. If you are going to search for a eBook reader in the market, we strongly recommend a Kindle.

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